15 of the Best Blogs for EFL and ESL Teachers

Blogs are a great way to find free resources, tips, and tools from ESL and EFL teachers around the world. Here is a list of 15 of the best blogs for ESL and ESL teachers to explore:

Becoming a Better EFL Teacher - This blog provides links, resources, and tools that EFL teachers can use to improve their teaching skills. Becoming a Better EFL Teacher also features language learning news to help teachers stay up-to-date on the latest information.

English Conversation - Designed for teachers and learners, English Conversation offers resources for teaching and improving your English. Teachers can use this blog to find resources, lessons, information on learning styles, and several other useful tools.

Burcu Akyol's EFL Blog - This EFL teacher's blog features reflections, tips, reviews, and resources for English teachers. Throughout this blog, teachers can find information on EFL and ESL blogs, associations, professional development, podcasts, lessons, exercises, and teaching ideas.

My ESL Corner - My ESL Corner is a blog created to provide and share opinions, resources, and news about ESL and EFL topics to both English and Spanish visitors. Within this blog, teachers will find useful worksheets, flashcards, learning songs, clipart, e-books, readings, and much more.

English, ESL…and more - This great blog for teachers and students provides tools, tips, and resources for ESL learners. Throughout the blog pages, teachers can find classified links, writing workshops, GLBT resources, literacy links, multicultural resources, and ESL guides.

The English Blog - The English Blog is an instructive blog for English learners and teachers. The blog features Internet resources, tips, news, trivia, and reviews that can be used for English teaching and studying purposes. Just a few of the resources ESL teachers might find helpful are lesson plans, exams, reference, software, and video.

Nik's Learning Technology Blog - Nik's Learning Technology Blog was created by Nik Peachey, a learning technology consultant and teacher trainer. The blog provides teaching material, tips, and resources for ESL and EFL teachers to use new technology. Within this blog, teachers can find information on teaching English in Second Life, picture phrases, using video in language learning, animated vocabulary, and much more.

An ELT Notebook - This blog, created by an EFL teacher with over 30 years of experience, provides resources to teachers of all levels. Posts include topics on activities, career development, classroom management, lesson planning, teaching skills, and many more subjects that EFL teachers will find useful.

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day - This blog, specifically for teaching ESL, EFL, and ELL, offers daily websites that will help educators improve their teaching. Teachers can search this blog by category or browse the archive.

Blog-EFL - The Blog-EFL looks at the use of high tech tools in English teaching and learning. This language technology blog also provides tips and resources that can be used in the classroom and out.

ESL Daily - This blog, created by teachers for teachers, features information and news for ESL and EFL teaching. ESL Daily also provides resources and tips for teaching, technology, employment, and other useful resources.

ESL Lesson Plan - ESL Lesson Plan has resources, lesson plans, and tips for novice to veteran ESL teachers. This regularly updated blog also provides articles on a wide range of topics, including ESL activities, jobs, certification, lesson plans, budgeting, time management, and workplace issues.

Teaching ESL to Adults - This short and to the point blog from an experienced ESL tutor features articles on grammar, lesson plans, and other resources that teachers can use with ESL students. Teaching ESL to Adults also offers handouts, experiences, ideas, and tips.

Joey's ESL Room - Joey's ESL Room is a frequently updated blog created by several ESL teachers from across a dozen countries. This blog offers different approaches to teaching as well as information about different countries to ESL teachers and those thinking of becoming an ESL teacher.

ESL Teaching Resources - The ESL Teaching Resources blog features a list of resources and websites that ESL/EFL/ESP/EPA teachers can use with students.

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